A Typical Day - Ratcliffe College

A Typical Day

Weekday Boarding

07:00 -07:15am We get woken up by the staff and go down for breakfast, it’s really good with a wide variety. Boarding staff register us in breakfast to ensure that we have a healthy start to our day.  We leave our dirty clothes in the laundry on our way down and collect our clean clothes on our way back up.
08:10am In Years 7-11, our rooms are ready for inspection ans it’s important that we have clean rooms. Boarding staff check every weekday morning and also check we’re wearing our uniform correctly.
08:20am We make our way to our tutors and get registered alongside the day pupils in our group. Years 7-11 can’t go back into house until the end of the day so it’s important to take all books with us and leave them in our lockers. We either stay for tutor time or the various assemblies that are held.
09:05am First lesson starts. We have two lessons before break. Each lesson lasts for 55 minutes.
11:00am It is now break time.  We have the opportunity to purchase some food in the Ref if we want a snack.
11:20am Lessons 3 and 4 take place.
13:15pm Lunchtimes start. We go into lunch with our year group. If you are doing a lunchtime activity, you may get an early lunch pass.
14:15pm Afternoon lessons begin.  We have two lessons after lunch.
16:10pm We go into tea and register with a member of boarding to let them know if we are in an extra-curricular activity or back up into house to relax. It is good to get involved in as many activities as possible.
18:00pm We all go into supper in the Ref to eat our evening meal together.
18:30pm We register in houses. Notices are given out and post collected. We have an Evening Prayer during this time on Monday and Wednesday.
18:45pm Prep begins. If you are in KS3 you have to work for one hour, including homework and reading. KS4 and KS5 complete one and a half hours of prep. If you need support, boarding staff are available.  You may have a tutor meeting at this time as well. This is really useful for discussing all things good and bad!
20:15pm On Monday’s and Wednesday’s we can use the gym, play football, music and do art.  Snacks are available too.
20:45pm On Tuesday and Thursday, we have a Night Prayer in church. We all come together as one big community for reflection and students are encouraged to lead the prayer.
21:15pm Bedtimes begin. Year 7 and 8 go to bed at 21:15, Year 9 at 21:30, Year 10 at 21:45, Year 11 at 22:00 and the Sixth from go to bed at 22:30.  Students in Years 7-10 have to hand in their electronic devices at bedtime in order to get a good night’s sleep.  These devices can be collected in the morning.


Weekend Boarding


08:00 -08:30am If you are playing a fixture, you may need to be woken up early to go to continental breakfast. It is great to get involved in sport and fixtures on a Saturday.
10:00am Boarding staff wake everyone up at 10:00 after a lovely lie in.
10:30-11:00am Brunch! This is our favourite meal in the week and one we all look forward to.
13:00-16:30pm Various shopping trips take place. Boarding staff may have booked a coach for Leicester or you may choose to go on a shorter shopping trip to a local shopping centre 5 minutes away from school.
15:00pm If you’re in school, we have tea at 3pm and all pupils must go there to be registered.  If you decide not to go shopping, Saturday afternoons are great for relaxing.
18:00pm Supper is at this time, all students must attend.
18:30pm We have a register and run through activities for the rest of the day and discuss Sunday trips. We also organise our helpers for Mass on Sunday.
19:00pm The sports hall and gym are available on evenings which is always popular. You can also use the supervised kitchens in house to do some cooking with friends.
20:30pm On some Saturday evenings, the Sixth Form Bar is opened for a social. Here, we have the opportunity to have a drink with friends, play pool, listen to music and socialise with some of the boarding staff.
21:45pm Staggered bedtimes start which are half an hour later than during the week.
21:15pm Bedtimes begin.  Year 7 and 8 go to bed at 21:30, Year 9 at 21:45, Year 10 at 22:00, Year 11 at 22:30 and the Sixth from go to bed at 23:00.


08:45am We are woken up to get ready for Mass in the Chapel.  There is an optional breakfast between 08:30 and 09:00. Sometimes we can go in our casual clothes or it may be a uniform Mass.
09:20am We have a quick register before going down to the College Chapel
09:30-10:30am Mass time. This is when the boarding community come together to embrace the Catholic ethos of the school. It is a time for quiet reflection and praying for our own special intentions
10:30-11:15am We go to the ref for our Sunday brunch. Just like on Saturday, this is one of our favourite meals.
12:00pm We depart for Sunday trips. This could be to another city, cinema, theme park, bowling, escape room or go-karting. It is not compulsory to go on all the trips but it is a great way to get off site and have a break with your friends.
15:00pm If you are in school, we have tea at three o’clock and all pupils must go there to be registered.
18:00pm Sunday supper is at this time and all students must attend and be registered. Our Sunday meal is a special family occasion.  We like to take our time over this meal and enjoy conversations with staff at the tables.
18:45 – 19:45pm This is prep time and an opportunity to ensure that all your homework is complete.
19:45 – 20:45pm The sports hall and gym are available on Sunday evenings at this time.
21:00pm All boarders have a room inspection.
21:15pm Staggered bedtimes start