Ihuoma's Story - Ratcliffe College

Ihuoma’s Story

Year 13

Deputy Head Girl


One of the things that stood out to me when I first visited Ratcliffe College was the strong sense of community, the place didn’t feel too big or too small, I felt I would have the chance to settle in comfortably and at the same time get to interact with a lot of different people, which it did.

I remember at first, I was anxious and wasn’t sure what to expect. One of the things that put me at ease (as I came from an International School) was seeing the same international atmosphere reflected in boarding at Ratcliffe.  I also felt very reassured by how friendly all the students and staff were.

Life as a boarder is quite eventful. During the week, we have a daily schedule that keeps us organised and on top of our work, but also allows for time to relax; you can either hang out alone or with your friends. The weekends are fun, with sports and other enjoyable trips and activities.

Co-curricular activities are also an integral part of life at Ratcliffe and it’s good to get a break from the classroom. I was encouraged to try sports that I haven’t played before and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed training with and playing alongside other students. I’ve also enjoyed playing in some of the music concerts at school as well.

I want to reassure those who are nervous about boarding, that although it’s a big step, it was the right choice for me and I’m sure it’ll be right for them too

Apart from our normal prefect duties, I am part of the senior prefect team. We attend weekly meetings with Mr. Harrison and Mr. Reddin to discuss things going on in school. It is nice to be so involved and I would certainly recommend it to others.

I think one of the best things about being here is getting the chance to become friends with students that I might not see in the day school – across different year groups for example. The teachers are also very approachable and willing to help with any of our issues or worries anyone has.

When I move on from Ratcliffe, I plan on going to the University of Toronto to study medicine which I’m very excited about, I definitely think boarding has helped me become more independent  which will be useful in adapting to life in university.

Overall, I think boarding is brilliant – the best way to make the most of your experience in boarding is to get involved in as many activities and trips as possible.


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