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Mrs Grant’s Story

Staff | 09.06.2021

Hello, my name is Helen Grant and I am a former Resident Assistant Housemistresses at Ratcliffe College

Not only did I work in the girls house, but I also worked with boys boarding too on joint weekend trips and activities, taking the full advantage of being a co-educational school.

I have worked at Ratcliffe for seventeen years and in boarding for around for fourteen years. I also work as the Sixth Form Centre Supervisor during day as well as being the Section Commander of the RAF Section CCF.

In my spare time, I help with the Year 6 Adventure Corps and also our Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme. My passion for art also allows me to do creative activities at weekends or indeed help those who are studying Art.

Its great to be able to work in so many places around the school as the boarders all know how accessable we are whenever they need support, but also I can encourage them to participate in the wider aspects of school life.

The core element of community is still as important to me today as it was when I first started and to have the privelidge to live within Ratcliffe and to care for so many of our future generation is a blessing. As boarding staff, our duty of care to all the boarders is paramount and as a Mum myself to two grown up boys (James and Arran), boarding is like having an extended family.

Staff | 09 06 21
Staff | 09 06 21