Welcome to our Sixth Form - Ratcliffe College

Welcome to our Sixth Form

In Ratcliffe College Sixth Form, we seek to inspire our students to develop intellectual curiosity and independent thought so that each student can fulfil his or her greatest potential.  We aim for all students to develop into confident, articulate and independent young people who are prepared for the rigours of university life and their future careers.

Our students develop into compassionate, responsible and resilient young people

High quality teaching is complemented by an emphasis on students’ personal development.  As senior members of the College, students are encouraged to take up leadership roles and to participate fully in the superb co-curricular programme.

The strong sense of community is underpinned by excellent pastoral care, and in the context of this nurturing environment, our students develop into compassionate, responsible and resilient young people. We very much look forward to welcoming you to our Sixth Form.

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