Pastoral Care

Outstanding Pastoral care, underpinned by strong Christian values, is at the heart of Ratcliffe College.

All children, from the moment they are offered a place at Ratcliffe, have the opportunity to spend time with us to familiarise themselves with the school and to get to know their future friends and teachers. Every boy and girl, day or boarding, is a member of a Year group under the leadership of a Head of Year who, has overall responsibility for the pupil’s pastoral care and welfare. In addition, every pupil is assigned a Tutor with whom they meet regularly, formally and informally, individually and in groups, to review and support their progress, and to address issues raised through our extensive PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education) programme.

Our Chaplaincy Team provides invaluable support to all pupils, and this is complemented by our Sixth Form Student Listeners who avail themselves to children of all ages.