Life in the Prep (5-11 Years) - Ratcliffe College

Life in the Prep (5-11 Years)

The Prep School is housed in its own award winning state of the art building, with bright, creative, well-resourced classrooms centred around a beautiful courtyard.

Class sizes are small, allowing for individual attention. At every stage, we want children to be excited by their learning, whether they are in the classroom, in a museum, exploring outside or singing in a choir. We encourage them to follow their natural curiosity, to make connections in their learning and to question. Our creative approach upholds the importance of co-curricular education for all-round development, and everything we do is motivated by the same goals: to know what kind of person we want to be and to seek truth and purpose in our learning, as we realise our God-given potential.

The Prep School provides a happy, caring and secure learning environment where children flourish. Pastoral care at Ratcliffe is an essential part of what makes our School community so special. Our children and staff understand the importance of supporting one another and we believe that a compassionate approach to life must be central to all that we do. Prayer time is an integral part of each day. Our children feel happy and safe, developing excellent relationships with their teachers and knowing that they are part of an inclusive and caring community.

From the very beginning we encourage children to live, love and learn like Jesus by following a simple Code of Conduct:

  • We thank God daily for our individual gifts and talents and try to use them to the best of our ability and for the good of others.
  • We respect each other in our thoughts, our words and in our actions.
  • We are sorry when we make mistakes and are ready to learn from them and put things right.
  • We honour the good name of the School and celebrate each other’s achievements.