Academic - Ratcliffe College


Our Senior Curriculum is designed to develop a love of learning in all subject areas so students grow into confident, independent thinkers.

A broad and balanced curriculum is offered at Key Stage 3 with individual pathways at Key Stage 4 to allow all students to flourish, making choices based on their own interests and talents.  Excellence is at the heart of all we do: through Arts, Humanities, Sport, Sciences and Languages, students develop their subject knowledge and deepen understanding, alongside building a firm foundation in English and Mathematics to support a cross-curricular approach to learning.

Students are inspired by passionate subject staff who use a variety of innovative and creative teaching approaches to develop active learners, increasing confidence and independence for lifelong learning skills.  Lessons provide stretch and challenge for all, including more able students who are encouraged to develop academic rigour, focusing on depth and breadth in their learning.  Every student should aim to exceed expectations at GCSE and specialise in their chosen subjects at A Level, ensuring success in their future goals.

We offer a 3 year GCSE programme for all pupils in Year 9. This will provide the opportunity to go deeper into the content of each subject, with a broader learning experience, whilst also providing more time for individuals to prepare for assignments and examinations.

Ms Julie Davis, Assistant Head Academic