Academic - Ratcliffe College


Our Senior School curriculum is meticulously crafted to instill a passion for learning across all subject areas, fostering the growth of confident, independent thinkers among our students.

At Key Stage 3, we provide a comprehensive and diverse curriculum that offers a broad range of subjects, ensuring a balanced educational experience for all students. As they progress to Key Stage 4, individual pathways are tailored to accommodate each student’s unique interests and talents, empowering them to flourish in their chosen areas of study. Our commitment to excellence permeates every aspect of our curriculum, whether in the Arts, Humanities, Sports, Sciences, or Languages. Through rigorous academic pursuits, students not only expand their subject knowledge but also deepen their understanding, all while establishing a solid foundation in English and Mathematics. This cross-curricular approach to learning enriches their educational journey and prepares them for future success.

Our students are inspired by dedicated subject staff who use innovative and creative teaching methods to develop active learners, building confidence and independence necessary for lifelong learning skills. Lessons are designed to provide stretch and challenge for all students, with particular emphasis on nurturing academic rigour among the more able students, encouraging them to delve deep into their subjects and broaden their understanding. focusing on depth and breadth in their learning. We believe that every student has the potential to surpass expectations at GCSE level and should aspire to specialise in their chosen subjects at A Level, paving the way for success in their future endeavors.

We offer a comprehensive 3 year GCSE programme for all Year 9 pupils, offering the opportunity to look deeper into each subject’s content and experience a broader scope of learning. This extended timeframe also allows individuals more time to adequately prepare for assignments and examinations, ensuring thorough understanding and academic success.

Ms Julie Davis, Assistant Head Academic