School Policies - Ratcliffe College

School Policies

School-wide Policies

ISI Report 2022


Independent Listener Policy

Complaints Procedure Parent Policy 

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 

Whistleblowing Policy 

Anti-Bullying Policy

Admissions Policy

Peer-on-Peer Abuse Policy

Behaviour Rewards and Sanctions Policy

Teaching and Learning Policy

Curriculum Policy

Exclusion Policy

Visitors Policy

Relationship and Sex Education Policy

Appearance of Students Policy

PSHCE Policy (Senior School)

PSHCE Policy (Preparatory School)

Health and Safety Policy

First Aid and Medical Arrangements Policy

Parent Contract

Privacy Policy

Data Protection Policy

Special Educational Needs Policy

English as an Additional Language Policy

Recruitment Selection and Disclosure Policy and Procedures

Drugs Policy

Policy for Policies

Overall Ratcliffe College Risk Assessment for COVID Environment

COVID-19 Visitors Policy

COVID-19 Suspected or Confirmed Case Policy

Bring Your Own Device Policy

Remote Learning Policy for Students (Senior School)

Remote Learning Policy (Prep School)

Remote Learning Policy for Parents

Gender Pay Gap – April 2022


Governors’ Code of Conduct Policy
Governors’ Code of Conduct Policy – Annex A
Governors’ Code of Conduct Policy – Annex B

EYFS Policies

EYFS Acceptable Use of Cameras and Mobile Phones Policy

EYFS Acceptable Use Policy

EYFS Administration Of Medication Policy

EYFS Behaviour Rewards and Sanctions Policy

EYFS Confidentiality Policy

EYFS Curriculum Policy

EYFS Data Protection Policy

EYFS Equal Opportunities Policy

EYFS First Aid Policy

EYFS Health and Safety Environmental Policy

EYFS Health and Safety in the Nursery School

EYFS Managing Children who are Sick or Infectious

EYFS Missing and Lost Child Policy

EYFS More Able and Talented Policy

EYFS Nursery Admissions Policy

EYFS Physical Handling Policy

EYFS Planning Policy


EYFS Rational For Policy Writing

EYFS Road Crossing Policy

EYFS School Meal and Food Policy

EYFS School Outings Policy

EYFS Special Educational Needs Policy

EYFS Staff Taking Medication Policy

EYFS Supervision of Children Policy

EYFS Tapestry Staff User Agreement

EYFS Teaching and Learning Policy

EYFS The Non Collection of Children Policy

EYFS Wetting and Soiling Policy

All other policies are available by on request from:Senior Deputy Head for Senior School policies, Head of Preparatory School for Prep School policies and Head of EYFS for EYFS policies.