Fees 2019-20

The Ratcliffe College Schedule and Fees for the 2019/20 academic year are available to view below:

Registration Fee

Parents interested in applying for a place for their child are invited to register their intent.  A non-refundable Registration Fee of £99 (UK) and £125 (Overseas) is payable for all students wishing to enter Ratcliffe College, at any level.


On acceptance of an offer, a deposit of £1,000 (£500 refunded during the second term) for students entering Ratcliffe College from the UK and of £5000 (£3000 refunded during the second term) for students from overseas, is payable on entry to the Preparatory School and Senior School.

A deposit is not payable on entry to the Nursery, but will be required when the child moves to the Preparatory School.

The deposit is not refundable if the student subsequently fails to take up the place.  As fees are payable termly in advance, the deposit will be held until the student leaves and may be used to offset charges incurred during the final term.  Any balance remaining will be refunded at that time.

Day FeesPer TermPer Annum
Nursery – Cygnets
(Age 3+)
Nursery – Swans
(Age 4+)
Preparatory School
(Years 1 to 2)
Preparatory School
(Years 3 to 4)
Preparatory School
(Year 5)
Preparatory School
(Year 6)
Senior School
(Years 7 to 8)
Senior School
(Years 9 to 13)


Boarding FeesPer TermPer Annum
Weekly Boarding
(Years 6 to 8)
Weekly Boarding
(Years 9 to 13)
Full Boarding
(UK Students)
Full Boarding
(Overseas Students)

All fees include mid-day meal and afternoon tea, supervised Prep and a wide range of extra-curricular activities until 6.10pm, Monday to Friday.

Fees are charged at the same rate each term, irrespective of the number of weeks in the term.

Full Boarding Fees include the cost of the programme of boarding weekend trips throughout the year.

Overseas Boarding Fees include the cost of EAL lessons where necessary.

EAL lessons for Day students are charged at £825 per term.



Siblings – A discount of 10% is offered for the second child and 20% for the third and subsequent children.

HM Forces – A discount of 10% is offered to children of HM Armed Forces personnel in receipt of the Continuity of Education Allowance.

Direct Debit – A discount of £50 per student per term for payment using either the School’s Monthly or Termly Direct Debit Scheme.


Optional Extras

Regular Boarding: Charged at £49 per night where at least 1 full term’s commitment is given for either 2 or 3 nights in each week.

Occasional Boarding: Charged at £51 for the first 10 days in any term and £70 for any subsequent days.

Individual Tuition Charges:

Music tuition – £245 per term (ten 30 minute sessions) for individual tuition.

Hire of instrument – £37 per term.

Additional teaching – Where required and agreed with parents, this will be charged at £46 per lesson.

Please note that a full term’s notice is required in writing to discontinue any optional extras.


Additional Notes:

  • Fees are reviewed annually.
  • For convenience, the annual fees are divided into three equal termly amounts, irrespective of the actual length of each term or amount of formal teaching in terms during which students sit public examinations.
  • One full term’s notice is required on leaving or changing status between day and boarding. Fees in lieu of notice will be charged if insufficient notice is given.
  • Fees should normally be settled by either monthly or termly direct debit.
  • Failure to pay fees will result in requesting the withdrawal of a child from School.


If the Ratcliffe College Schedule and Fees suit yourself and your child, why not Visit Us at one of our upcoming events?