Latin - Ratcliffe College

Latin - Ages 16-18

Students study Latin throughout Years 7 and 8, and can then choose to continue studying it for GCSE from the start of Year 9. Latin is also offered at A Level, and those who study it at this level never regret it. Latin is taught in a dedicated room, which includes its own, specific library.

Three Department experienced members of staff teach Latin at various stages throughout the School, and the Department offers a variety of study trips and events, including the opportunity to visit sites of Classical interest both in the UK and abroad. Class numbers from GCSE onwards are invariably small; this, of course, facilitates a strong staff-student relationship, which is matured and deepened at A Level.

Academic Programme

Years 12 and 13:

A Level Latin requires preparation for four papers, two testing language and two, literature. Texts in prose and in verse are studied, two in each year, along with unseen Latin passages for translation and comprehension in Year 12 and, in addition, for commentary and evaluation in Year 13. This is a subject which is well-known for being demanding academically.

Co-curricular Activities

Students have the opportunity to participate in events organised by the East Midlands Association of Classics Teachers (EMACT) including the annual Reading and Poster Competitions. The department also plans to offer trips to Hadrian’s Wall and Italy.