At Ratcliffe College Sixth Form, we seek to inspire our students to develop intellectual curiosity and independent thought, so that each student can fulfil their potential.  We aim for all students to become confident, articulate and independent young people; ensuring they are well prepared for the rigours of university life and their future careers.

We offer high quality teaching with a focus on each students’ personal development. As senior members of the College, Sixth Form students are encouraged to take up leadership roles and to participate fully in the superb co-curricular programme.

Ratcliffe College Sixth Form has a positive and purposeful community, where students’ relationships both with their teachers and each other are built on trust and mutual respect. We have high expectations of and high aspirations for our students; and as the senior members of the School community, Sixth Form students act as role models for younger students and have the opportunity to support them in their work and activities through positions of responsibility.

Crucially, it is our role to Prepare students for a successful and fulfilling life and career after School in whatever route they choose to pursue, whether that is university, a degree apprenticeship, or direct employment. To that end, Sixth Form students are given a degree of independence and are guided in understanding of the responsibility that comes with this as well as benefiting from the structure, care and support provided.

Our strong sense of community is underpinned by excellent pastoral care, within this nurturing environment, our students grow into compassionate, responsible and resilient young people. At Ratcliffe College Sixth Form, we encourage all students to think big and dream big.