Drama & Theatre Studies - Ratcliffe College

Drama – Ages 16-18

The ability to communicate with others and knowledge of how to work within a team are invaluable life skills learnt through the medium of drama.  Studying Drama at A Level challenges students to develop their creativity and to approach live performance from the point of view of actor, director and designer.  The students are encouraged through the drama medium to become independent enquirers, creative thinkers, team workers, effective participators, self-managers and reflective learners.

All examined performances are produced on stage with set, light, sound and costume to an audience.

Academic Programme

At A Level our students can study Drama and Theatre Studies from the EDUQAS syllabus. Students have 11 lessons of Drama per fortnight, taught by two subject specialists and supported by technical staff.   

Year 12 study various styles and genres of theatre, learning about new practitioners and studying a text from the point of view of actor, director and designer. They then re-interpret a scripted extract to perform for an internal assessment.

Year 13 sees the students developing into confident young adults through a range of challenging devised and scripted pieces, whilst also building an in-depth understanding of the workings around performances. These skills are demonstrated in both practical and written exams at the end of the year.

Scholarships in Drama for Year 12 are available and if students have a passion for acting and are prepared to go that extra mile, it is worth considering applying.

Getting Involved

In support of the A Level syllabus, we take regular trips to the theatre to see a wide range of performances from set texts to new works by current practitioners.  In recent years we have also taken our Year 12 & 13 Drama students on a trip to London to visit the theatre and partake in Backstage tours, culminating with a visit to Shakespeare’s Globe.


Year 12 production Playhouse Creatures

Career Development

Our Department is always looking to develop opportunities for students to move into the professional field.  Some Ratcliffe students have gone on to Performing Arts schools such as; E15, Guildhall School of Music and Drama and Arts Education, LIPA and Oxford School of Drama. Others have undertaken work experience with the world tour of Chicago and, within the BBC, Whitechapel, as well as BBC Radio Nottingham.  Some students have performed at The Globe, The Curve Theatre, The Little Theatre and Nottingham Playhouse.