Boarding FAQs - Ratcliffe College

Boarding FAQs

How much does it cost to board at Ratcliffe?

There are various Boarding options at Ratcliffe, including Full, Weekly or Regular and Occasional. Visit our Boarding Options and Fees to find out more.

How Flexible are the Arrangements?

Very flexible! We do not have fixed leave arrangements. Whichever boarding package students are on, they can go home at weekends once all school commitments have been fulfilled, if parents wish.

Do Students only have Leave to go Home?

Absolutely not! They can go to their guardian, to relatives or to a friend’s house if they are invited (and provided that we know all the arrangements in advance).

What Happens at Weekends?

There are no lessons on Saturday, but there are inter-school sports fixtures for the teams each week. Students can go to local towns or retail parks on a Saturday afternoon – we take them in the school minibuses. Older students can visit Leicester with their friends. Combined Cadet Force activities, Duke of Edinburgh expeditions and music or drama rehearsals also often take place at weekends. Boarding staff also organise a programme of activities within school.

On Sunday, all students attend Church for Mass in the morning, followed every week by an organised trip supervised the boarding staff. Trips include the cinema, ice skating, go-karting, zoo, places of local cultural interest, and many more! In addition, we sometimes celebrate Mass on Saturday evening, allowing students and staff to spend Sunday morning and afternoon out of school. Trips to theme parks and to cities such as London, Oxford and Cambridge are always popular.

How do we Know that Boarding at Ratcliffe is Good?

It’s more than good, It’s excellent! That was the overall rating in our most recent 2015 ISI inspection. Ofsted inspections (in 2008 and 2012, and ISI 2010) have also rated most aspects of our boarding provision as ‘outstanding’ or ‘excellent’.

What is it Like, Living in Boarding?

Great fun! – But you don’t have to take our word for it; come and find out for yourself! Boarding taster sessions – for Ratcliffe College day students and for those who are considering joining our school – are available free of charge. You can spend one or two days and nights as a boarder, attending lessons during the day and living in the boarding community during the evening and overnight. Fifteen members of staff and families live at Ratcliffe – most of them in the main school building, where the boys’ and girls’ boarding houses are located – so there really is a strong sense of community.

How can I contact the team?