The Boarding Houses and Staff - Ratcliffe College

The Boarding Houses and Staff

The Boarding Houses

Our Boarding Community consists of two houses: a Boys house and a Girls’ House. Our houses, although located in different areas of the main school building, are very much united and part of the Ratcliffe Boarding family. There are 3 Senior House Staff for each boarding house, two matrons, three medical staff and 6 Graduate Assistants.

Our community is based around support, encouragement and trust and we cherish our family ethos and atmosphere where we all grow and learn together. We all eat together in the main School Refectory and we have the Boarder’s Lounge and Activities Room as well as the Snack Shack as shared communal spaces. We have no Exeat weekends: we never close in Term Time and we guarantee a lovely and varied weekend programme. Houses do close during the holidays, so boarders are expected to return home or stay with guardians. The School of course provides and organises transport services to airports whenever necessary.

Girls’ Boarding

Mrs Helen Grant is the Housemistress of the girls’ boarding house and she runs the House with the Resident Assistant Housemistresses. Our House is full of laughter, dancing, studying, biscuits, tea, giggling and determination. We believe in striving for success and helping each other achieve our individual goals: when one succeeds we all succeed.

We take pride in pushing ourselves to excel in and out of the classroom and we love nothing more than celebrating what someone has achieved. Shakespeare’s Hermia is an inspiration for us in girls’ boarding, ‘Though she be but little she is fierce’ – we are a small, intimate community who should never be underestimated.

Boys’ Boarding

Mr Gilchrist is the Housemaster and is assisted in the running of the House by two Resident Assistant Housemasters, Mr Turner and Mr Edwards. Essential to any boys’ boarding house is Matron and we have a special one in Mrs Riley, who helps the boys in many different ways, especially keeping them all supplied with goodies after school and at weekends. The House is a hive of activity throughout the day and night, with boys enjoying all the Co-curricular activities on offer, while others love a chat in the office with a cup of tea and a biscuit.

In the evenings there are plenty of activities on offer utilising our amazing facilities, alongside opportunities to watch a film, play on the PlayStation and of course, watch our beloved Leicester City Football Club. We pride ourselves on being able to help each and every boy become the best all-rounded person they can be by providing the platform to follow their dreams. ” A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work ” Colin Powell.

The Boarding Staff

Girls Boarding

Image Name
Mrs H Grant
Senior Housemistress (temp)
Miss L Chapman
Resident Assistant Housemistress
Teacher of Chemistry
Miss Emma Hall
Lay Chaplain.
Malika Aboudou-Attik
Boarding Assistant
Language Graduate Assistant
Miss E Brightling
Boarding Assistant
Graduate Sport Assistant
Miss H Loveland
Boarding Assistant
Graduate Sport Assistant

Boys Boarding

Image Name
Mr P Gilchrist
Resident Senior Housemaster
Co-Curricular Coordinator
PE Teacher email:
Mr D Turner
Resident Assistant Housemaster
Prep School Class Teacher
Mr M Edwards
Resident Assistant Housemaster and SSI CCF
Mrs L Riley
Mr M Grieve
Boarding Assistant
Graduate Sport Assistant
Mr H Stamper
Boarding Assistant
Graduate Sport Assistant
Mr C Kluth
Boarding Assistant
Language Graduate Assistant

Boarding Staff

Image Name
Sister Debs
School Nurse
Sister Caroline
School Nurse
Sister Helen
School Nurse