Immersion Programme - Ratcliffe College

Immersion Programme

We have a number opportunities to join our Immersion Taster Programme (during term time). The minimum stay is 3 weeks and the maximum stay is 4 weeks.

Our popular ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) and cultural Immersion taster programme is perfect for children who want to learn English whilst experiencing school life at a traditional British boarding school.

Our programme offers an outstanding experience for students to live and breathe traditional Boarding life, while studying and learning alongside Ratcliffe pupils. Students will follow the normal timetable of pupils in the same year group and fully immerse themselves in student life. Alongside lessons, students will also enjoy regular boarding evening and weekend activities, sports, social events and will attend a weekly excursion. Immersion students will make new friends, gain confidence and resilience, and most of all, make many happy memories to last a lifetime.

Please visit the form below to secure your place on our next Immersion Programme.

As part of this programme, visitors will get the opportunity to take part in specialist Cambridge English lessons and activities alongside our full-time students.

Upon their arrival students will be assessed by our English teachers to ensure they receive the relevant level of teaching. For the first three weeks, at least 20 hours of ESOL learning time each week is provided in all aspects of English including: Reading, Writing, Listening, Oral, Vocabulary and Grammar.

Throughout the programme, students will spend time alongside Ratcliffe pupils enjoying a range of co-curricular activities, cultural trips and visits. This means they will be learning and having fun together, all whilst getting the chance to improve their language in a traditional British boarding setting.