We place significant importance on our student’s well being and aim to ensure that your child’s time at Ratcliffe is an extremely positive one.

Our Anti-Bullying Committee consists of students ranging from Years 7 to 13, meeting once a term to discuss initiatives that could be implemented within school. The students that are members proudly wear a badge indicating that they are part of the committee. In 2018 County Hall introduced a tier system for their awards, ranging from Bronze to Gold, as recognition of the schools continued commitment to Anti-bullying we were delighted to be awarded with the Gold Beyond Bullying Award.

Anti-Bullying Week

We take part in Anti-Bullying week every November, which aims to highlight any issues regarding bullying and offer help to students that may have concerns. 

During Anti-bullying week, the committee hosts a whole school assembly raising awareness for the week and its importance. Also, our younger students design T-shirts to promote the cause for our staff to wear for the day! 

Ratcliffe college also annually hosts an anti-bullying Parent Café in support of this initiative, allowing parents the opportunity to raise any concerns.

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