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Preventing and Dealing with Bullying

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Bullying damages children’s and young people’s physical and mental health, including their self-confidence and ability to build and sustain relationships. It can also destroy self-esteem, sometimes with devastating consequences and with the effects lasting into adult life. Bullying undermines the ability to concentrate on learning and can impact on children’s and young people’s chances of achieving their full potential at school and later in life. Bullying causes harm to those who bully, those who are bullied and those who observe bullying. At Ratcliffe College we believe that all children and young people have the right to learn and work in an environment where they feel safe and that is free from harassment and bullying.

At Ratcliffe we treat reports of all types of bullying seriously (racial, cyber, homophobic, verbal and physical). We pride ourselves in providing a safe and secure school environment in which bullying is not tolerated. We were proud to achieve the Beyond Bullying Gold Award from Leicestershire County Council for all the anti-bullying work and initiatives in place at Ratcliffe College. We hold regular assemblies on anti-bullying along with tutor, subject and PSHCE work.

Read our Anti-bullying Policy here.

Anti-Bullying Committee

We place significant importance on our student’s well being and aim to ensure that your child’s time at Ratcliffe is an extremely positive one.

Our Anti-Bullying Committee consists of students ranging from Years 7 to 13, meeting once a term to discuss initiatives that could be implemented within school. The students that are members proudly wear a badge indicating that they are part of the committee.

Anti-Bullying Week

We take part in Anti-Bullying week every November, which aims to highlight any issues regarding bullying and offer help to students that may have concerns. 

During Anti-bullying week, the committee hosts a whole school assembly raising awareness for the week and its importance, alongside a whole host of other engaging anti-bullying initiatives for students to join in across the College.

Our younger students design T-shirts to promote the cause for our staff to wear all week. 

Ratcliffe college also annually hosts an anti-bullying Parent Café in support of this initiative, allowing parents the opportunity to raise any concerns. 

What should I do if my child is being bullied?

  • Make the school aware at the earliest opportunity
  • Contact your son’s/daughter’s Head of Year, the Deputy Head Pastoral or their Teacher / Tutor.

Students at Ratcliffe can also use to report an incident of bullying. Emails sent to this address are directed to the Deputy Head Pastoral.

Bullying Incident Report Form

Please use the form below to report an incident of concern. A member of the Pastoral team will contact you to discuss your concern.

  • Please provide as much details as possible regarding the incident