Here at Ratcliffe, we place significant importance on our student’s wellbeing, consequently, we aim to ensure that their time at Ratcliffe is an extremely positive one.

In June 2016, Ratcliffe was extremely honoured to receive the Beyond Bullying Award from Leicestershire County Council, which demonstrates the school’s commitment to Anti-Bullying. Thereafter, Miss Spencer formed a committee to further promote the school’s anti-bullying message.  The committee consists of students ranging from Years 7 to 13 and they meet once a term to discuss ideas and initiatives that could be implemented within school with regard to anti-bullying.  The committee is called the ABC – Anti-Bullying Committee, and the students that are members proudly wear a badge indicating that they are part of the committee. In 2018 County Hall introduced a tier system for their awards, ranging from Bronze to Gold,  as recognition of the schools continued commitment to Anti-bullying we were delighted to be awarded with the Gold Beyond Bullying Award.  Miss Spencer and a few of the Anti-Bullying committee members attended a ceremony at the Morningside Arena in Leicester to receive the award.

Anti-Bullying Week

Annually there is a national Anti-Bullying week in November, which aims to highlight any issues regarding bullying and offer insights and help to students that may have worries or concerns. 

During Anti-bullying week, the committee hosts a whole school assembly in order to ensure that our students were aware that of the national anti-bullying week and the importance of it.  Also, our younger students designed T-shirts to promote anti-bullying and our staff wore them for the day to showcase the student’s splendid efforts! 

Many of the younger students also enter our internal anti-bullying competition.  The work that they produce is extremely impressive and the best entries are proudly displayed in one of the main corridors.  Ratcliffe college also annually hosts an anti-bullying Parent Café in support of this initiative, further information along with the School’s policies can be accessed from the Parent Portal.

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