Art & Design - Ratcliffe College

Art & Design – Ages 11-16

The Art Department is an engaging and dynamic environment where every individual is encouraged to realise their full potential. The projects we teach are engaging and inspiring, and are underpinned with a sound basis in traditional as well as contemporary skills.  Our facilities include two general teaching studios, a Film and Photography studio with professional lighting and dedicated software.  The teaching team comprises the Head of Department, a full-time teacher and a very experienced full-time technician.

Academic Programme

Art and Design tuition in the Senior School begins in Year 6 when the students come over from the Prep School to attend their 3 fortnightly lessons. For Years 7-9 there are 2 lessons a fortnight, and for each subsequent year the projects build on previous skills as well as introducing new ones.  Students are expected to demonstrate progression over the duration of Key Stage 3, culminating in many choosing the subject for GCSE. 

For Years 10 and 11, the students have 6 lessons a fortnight.  The GCSE course begins in Year 10 with structured projects to equip the students with the necessary skills and understanding to succeed in the course. As the course progresses through into Year 11 it allows each student to express themselves individually within their work, with outcomes being exceedingly varied. 

Extra-Curricular Art and Design

We are keen for students to use the facilities of the department outside of their normal lessons and we therefore provide sessions where the facilities are available during Prep.  During the majority of lunchtimes, the department is also open. Going to see and experience Art is a vital element of the subject, and a trip is organised once a year for Years 11 and 13, although specific exhibitions are promoted to students throughout the year.