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When they register for a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, participants receive a unique login to the national database so that they can record their choices and their progress.  They also receive a pack containing blank report proformas and other information.  Year 9 participants will join a small group during one form time, to learn how to use the system and discuss ideas about what they can choose for their DofE programme.  Any students can attend a drop-in session to learn how to use eDofE – available one lunchtime per week – to ask a question, gain some help or brainstorm ideas.

Once participants have made a start, they can drop in whenever they have a question or need some help or ideas.

The process for working through a section on eDofE is:

  • Complete the programme planner information (draft form),
  • Submit the programme planner and have it approved (in progress),
  • Upload an assessor report and then, finally, submit the section.  I am then able to record the section as completed.

Once all of the sections have been completed, the award can be forwarded electronically requesting final approval from the official independent verifier.  (At Gold level final approval is also required from Central England DofE).  The assessor report can be done as a paper report using the proforma in the participant pack or the assessor can submit their report online through the assessor portal if they know the participant’s eDofE number.

Assessor Reports

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