The History of the CCF - Ratcliffe College

The History of the CCF

Proud Traditions and Heritage

Ratcliffe College CCF began as an Officer Training Corps dating back to the beginning of the 1900’s. Having always being affiliated with local Leicestershire regiments it began its life as it is today back in 1954 when the OTC re-rolled under the new name of a Combined Cadet Force. Most of its staffing was provided then as it is now by a combination of ex regular soldiers, reservists, ex cadets and teaching staff.

For many years now following the re-formation of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment into the Royal Anglian Regiment we now proudly wear the cap badge of the Royal Anglians. We are very proud of our past and our connection to the British military.

Many former Ratcliffians went on to serve in the military both in the two world wars and in the present day.