Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) - Ratcliffe College

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Ratcliffe College offers the opportunity for Sixth Form students to study for an EPQ, which corresponds to UCAS points of half an A Level.

This highly-valued qualification gives students the opportunity to experience some of the skills required at university. Students are supported throughout the process by a dedicated team of supervisors to help students succeed in their EPQ journey.

The taught element is delivered through tutorials and a series of guest speakers.  This is further enhanced by collaboration with Higher Education institutions, such as Loughborough University, which gives our students access to its extensive library resources.

Completing an EPQ at Ratcliffe gives students the opportunity to explore a research topic of their choice and to undertake a journey of discovery into subjects that most interest them.

Along the way, EPQ students learn key skills, such as how to write a report and create a bibliography.  They also learn how to work independently and as a team, as well as extend their knowledge and understanding in a research area about which they are passionate.

The course prepares students for the academic rigour of university, whilst for students achieving top grades in the subject, there is the opportunity for some universities to reduce entry grade offers in recognition of this achievement.