Biology – Ages 16-18

Biology at Ratcliffe College is a dynamic, contemporary and hands-on experience. We are a passionate team who are dedicated to igniting and nurturing Biological curiosity and enquiry.  Biology not only deals with facts and functions but also allows students to consider and discuss the implications of developments in modern Biology with reference to social, ethical and moral perspectives.  Studying Biology allows students to make rational and considered judgements about scientific progress based not just on opinions but also on an understanding of the scientific principles which lie behind these.  When studying Biology at Ratcliffe, students will partake in regular practical work that enhances student understanding and enjoyment of the subject. 

Awesome and amazing – after doing Biology this year I see myself in a whole new light


For many years now, the Biology Department have enjoyed excellent examination results at A Level.  In the academic year 2017 – 2018, 43% of grades were awarded A*/A, 86% A*-B, and 100% pass.  Furthermore, the Biology Department’s A Level results were judged as outstanding in the externally produced ALPS report.  A Level Biology remains a popular choice at Ratcliffe.  Regardless of students’ ability upon entering the course, we aim to do our upmost to help all students reach their potential.

Biology is hard, but once you get your head around it, it becomes an interesting and fun subject.  The teacher’s make it a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to help with learning

Enrichment Opportunities

Biology Discussion Group – stretch and challenge: A discussion group that helps students to develop their ability to talk through ideas and thoughts when solving Biology related problems. This discussion group not only keeps students up to date with new and exciting developments in Biology but is also an effective method of improving interview skills. 

Biology Field Trip: As part of the Year 13 A Level Biology course, the Biology Department takes students on a three-day Biology field trip to Preston Montford in Shropshire.  The course is a richly rewarding experience that stimulates ecological awareness, develops enquiring minds and inspires students to widen their ecological experience both during and after the course. 

This trip is one I will never forget, filled with days of practical biological application and seeing the ecosystems around me with a newfound appreciation and understanding of the intricate network of interactions

Biology Brain Awareness Seminar: Year 12 students attend an educational visit to the College of Medicine at the University of Leicester, in order to attend a series of lectures and seminars.  

Biology Olympiad Competition: Year 12 students take part in the Intermediate Biology Olympiad organised by the Royal Society of Biology.  The aim of the competition is to challenge and stimulate students with an interest in Biology to expand and extend their talents 

Pets Corner: The Biology Department is in a fortunate position to also run a popular lunch time club where students volunteer their time to handle, feed and clean out our resident pets – rabbits and guinea pigs. 

The Biology Department makes this difficult subject seem far more manageable thanks to the extremely thorough and organised delivery of the course