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Clubs and activities

Art Club

An opportunity for all Senior School Art Students to do their Art prep, or continue with their projects.

Mondays at 4.40pm for Years 7 to 13

Thursdays at 4:40pm for Years 10 to 13

Puzzle Club

Puzzle Club is open to all students with the aim to challenge and develop problem-solving skills using a variety of games and puzzles. These can be played solo, in pairs or in groups, which also encourages team work and a collaborative approach to solving problems.   We have over 50 games; some old favourites such as Mastermind, Battleships, Chairs, The Bedlam Cube and Rush Hour as well as more modern games such as The Da Vinci Code, Square Up, Blokus, Einsteins’s 2% and Qwirkle. These all help to develop concentration, visual perception, short term memory gain, logic strategy, spatial awareness and tactics as well as being great fun, especially if you can beat the teacher!

Tuesdays at 1.40pm

Senior Strings Ensemble

Senior Strings Ensemble meets at 1.40pm every Friday. It offers the opportunity to the School’s more advanced violinists, viola players and ‘cellists to perform challenging music, drawing from a wide variety of styles and composers. We perform at the main musical concerts hosted by the School, as well as at external engagements.

Fridays at 1.45pm

Senior Swimming Training

Old or young, competitive swimmer or improving your fitness for other sports, crawler or flyer, we welcome you all.

Our squad is unique. Where else can a Year 13 train alongside a Year 7 on an equal level?

We train competitively working on fitness, technique, starts and turns in all four strokes. We train throughout the year and you can attend any, or all, of the sessions. The squad forms the basis of teams that represent Ratcliffe College in galas against other schools.

Fridays at 4.40pm

Ratcliffe Spitfire Project

We are building a full-sized Supermarine Spitfire to honour the aviation history the school has.  The replica will represent Spitfire Mk1a P9503 which was flown by Old Ratcliffian Paul Ballion during the Battle of Britain. The remains were gifted to the project by Richard Osgood, Senior Archaeologist for the MOD at a special ceremony at the end of 2014 during which BBC and ITV news in attendance as well as local radio and newspapers. Working from over 3000 original digitised blueprints, as well as the help from numerous organisations, the project is working to exceedingly high tolerances and teaching the students tremendous skills along the way. The ultimate vision is to house the project in a purpose-built Spitfire Education Centre on the grounds of the college where other schools as well as the general public can come and learn more about every aspect of the project.

Wednesdays at 4.30pm – Some sessions will take place on Sundays



Warhammer started as a lunchtime activity but due to the time restrictions it was decided to move it to a Wednesday prep time 4.40 – 6.10pm where we have been able to finish some of the battles. Warhammer is enjoyed by all who attend, even those who don’t always win and is good for strategic thinking. We usually have two battles taking place at any one time with club members joining forces to outsmart their rivals.

New members are always welcome and if you would like to find out more about this activity please see Mrs Arnold for further information.

Wednesdays at 4.40pm

Warhammer Figure Building Club

Warhammer Figure Building Club takes place on a Wednesday lunchtime 1:30 – 2:00 and allows students to bring their own figures that they need to build, repair or paint. New members are always welcome and if you would like to find out more about this activity  please see Mrs Arnold.

Wednesdays Lunchtimes at 1.30pm