Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE)

The aim of PSHCE is to give students the knowledge on wider topical issues and address emotive issues that are paramount to our students well-being. The programme covers Fundamental British Values as required by the government and follows their recommended themes.

The sessions are tailored toward each year group, ensuring that topics are age appropriate. Professional speakers and specialist groups are invited to inspire the students on a range of topics. Many of the sessions are interactive and allow the students to fully grasp the topic in question. New sessions are introduced each year, to ensure that the programme reflects the needs of our students. Every student from the Nursery to Year 13 has a fortnightly PSHCE lesson led by their class teacher, tutor or a guest speaker.

It is clear from student feedback that the sessions enhance their enjoyment of PSHCE and aid comprehension of several issues.

Anti-Bullying Committee

We place significant importance on our student’s well being and aim to ensure that your child’s time at Ratcliffe is an extremely positive one.

Our Anti-Bullying Committee consists of students ranging from Years 7 to 13, meeting once a term to discuss initiatives that could be implemented within school. The students that are members proudly wear a badge indicating that they are part of the committee. In 2018 County Hall introduced a tier system for their awards, ranging from Bronze to Gold, as recognition of the schools continued commitment to Anti-bullying we were delighted to be awarded with the Gold Beyond Bullying Award.

Anti-Bullying Week

We take part in Anti-Bullying week every November, which aims to highlight any issues regarding bullying and offer help to students that may have concerns. 

During Anti-bullying week, the committee hosts a whole school assembly raising awareness for the week and its importance. Also, our younger students design T-shirts to promote the cause for our staff to wear for the day! 

Ratcliffe college also annually hosts an anti-bullying Parent Café in support of this initiative, allowing parents the opportunity to raise any concerns.

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