Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE)

The aim of the PSHCE programme is to furnish the students with knowledge on wider topical issues and address emotive issues that are paramount to our students well-being.  The programme covers Fundamental British Values as required by the government and follows their recommended themes.

The sessions are specifically tailored toward the different year groups, ensuring that topics are age appropriate.   Professional speakers and specialist groups are invited into school to edify and inspire the students on a myriad of topics.  Many of the sessions are interactive and allow the students to fully grasp the topic in question and get involved.  New sessions are continually introduced each year, to ensure that the programme reflects the needs of our students.  Emotional health, student well-being, anti-bullying, alcohol and drug awareness sessions are regularly covered, to name but a few.

Every student from the Nursery to Year 13 has a fortnightly PSHCE lesson led by their class teacher, tutor or a guest external speaker.

The programme covers a vast array of topics.  It is evident from student feedback that the interactive sessions and external speakers enhance their enjoyment of PSHCE and aid comprehension of several issues.

2018-19 PSHCE Programme

Year 7Year 11
Year 8Year 12
Year 9Year 13
Year 10