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Boarding Options and Fees

Full Boarding

Boarding is one big family, with boarders sharing meals together and taking part in a rich programme of activities in their free time. We are a wonderfully safe campus so our boarders are free to roam our stunning grounds, knowing staff are always nearby. We use an online system for signing in and out of school with permissions being needed for boarding students to leave site. Residential and medical staff are always on duty when students are on site and all students are registered with the local doctor so that they can be seen quickly should the need arise. An Independent Listener is also available to students should they wish to discuss any issues or concerns with a member of staff who is not part of the boarding team.

Full boarders stay seven nights a week without any exeat weekends, allowing them to remain on campus every night throughout the term. However, boarders are still free to go out and visit friends and family, provided they have obtained the necessary permissions.

Our boarders engage in a diverse range of activities, scheduled for Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays. The weekend programme is extensive and tailored to the interests of our boarders.

Common examples of trips include:

  • Museums and galleries
  • Sporting activities such as bike-riding and kayaking
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Paintballing
  • Ice-skating
  • Christmas markets
  • City visits and many more

Full Boarding

Students have the option to start with weekly or regular boarding. As they progress through the school, gaining confidence and independence, they may decide to increase their boarding frequency. This allows them to share the boarding experience with friends and dedicate more time to their co-curricular interests.

Weekly boarders have the option to stay for five nights a week, choosing to either arrive on a Sunday or a Monday. For those participating in school fixtures on Saturdays, staying overnight on Fridays is beneficial to ensure they are on campus Saturday morning.

Weekly boarding is gaining popularity among families residing in the nearby areas. Students can maximise their educational and co-curricular experiences from Monday to Friday before returning home to spend weekends with other friends and family. Despite not staying full-time, they remain integral members of the school community and receive equal care, opportunities, and accommodation as full boarders.

Regular boarders have the flexibility to stay at school for one to four nights per week, with a designated space in the house where they can securely leave their belongings even when not staying overnight. Additionally, students have the option to board, subject to availability, during weekends with scheduled activities that they wish to participate in.

Occasional Boarding

Occasional boarders have the choice to stay when needed, whether for one night or several. Reservations can be made through the Senior School Reception. However, due to limited bed availability, it is advisable to book well in advance to secure accommodation.

This option is available to all students at Ratcliffe College. Subject to house space availability, day students have the opportunity to stay with us on a more ad-hoc basis. This service proves valuable for families with busy schedules and unforeseen circumstances that may arise.


Boarding Fees

Boarding Fees Per Term Per Annum
Weekly Boarding (Years 6 to 8) £8,566 £25,698
Weekly Boarding (Years 9 to 13) £9,585 £28,755
Full Boarding £12,870 £38,610


Regular Boarding Charged at £59 per night where at least one full term’s commitment is given for two or three nights in each week and at £55 per night where at least one full term’s commitment is given for four nights in each week.
Occasional Boarding Charged at £61 per night.


All fees cover the midday meal and afternoon tea for day students, while boarders receive all their meals as part of the inclusive package.

Fees are charged at the same rate each term, irrespective of the number of weeks in the term.

Full boarding fees include the cost of all boarding weekend trips scheduled throughout the year.

Where EAL lessons are required for day and boarding students, lessons are charged at £976 per term.

If you are interested in the boarding options we have on offer, why not visit us on our next Open Morning or book a private visit?