Boarding Options and Fees - Ratcliffe College

Boarding Options and Fees

Full Boarding

Full boarders stay seven nights a week.  There are no exeat weekends so full boarders can stay every night throughout the term.  This does not mean that you can’t go out and visit friends and family though, as long as all the permissions are granted.

The majority of our Boarders are full boarders and there are lots of activities which take place on Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays. The Weekend Programme is full and varied, and it caters to the interests of the boarders – there are trips up to museums and galleries, sporting activities such as bike-riding and Kayaking, pottery painting, paintballing, ice-skating, Christmas markets, city visits and many more.

Weekly and Regular Boarding

You may decide to dip your toes into boarding by starting with Weekly or Regular Boarding. As you move through the school and grow in confidence and independence, you might then choose to board more often, so that you can share the boarding experience with your friends and spend more time on your co-curricular interests.

Weekly boarders can stay for five nights a week.  You can choose to come in on a Sunday or a Monday.  For those playing school fixtures on a Saturday, it is good to stay on a Friday night so that you are in school on Saturday morning.
Weekly boarding is becoming increasingly popular with families who live in the surrounding areas. It means that you can get the most out of the educational and co-curricular opportunities from Monday to Friday, and then return home to other friends and family at the weekends. You are, of course, very much part of the school community and receive the same level of care, opportunity, and accommodation as those who are full boarders.

As a Regular Boarder you can stay at school for one to four nights per week – you have a dedicated space in the house where you can leave your possessions even when you are not staying overnight. You can also choose to board, if space allows, when there is a weekend activity in which you want to take part.

Occasional Boarding

Occasional boarders come and stay when they need to.  They can stay for one night or several, booking in through the main reception at school.  Beds are limited though, so it is worthwhile booking well in advance.

This is option is offered to all students at Ratcliffe College. If space in the houses allow, day students can come and stay with us on a more ad-hoc basis. It’s a great service for busy family life and those unforeseen circumstances that can crop up.

Boarding Fees

Boarding Fees Per Term Per Annum
Weekly Boarding (Years 6 to 8) £8,566 £25,698
Weekly Boarding (Years 9 to 13) £9,585 £28,755
Full Boarding £12,870 £38,610


Regular Boarding Charged at £59 per night where at least one full term’s commitment is given for two or three nights in each week and at £55 per night where at least one full term’s commitment is given for four nights in each week.
Occasional Boarding Charged at £61 per night.


All Fees include mid-day meal and afternoon tea for day students and all meals for boarders.

Fees are charged at the same rate each term, irrespective of the number of weeks in the term.

Full boarding fees include the cost of the programme of boarding weekend trips throughout the year.

Where EAL lessons are required for day and boarding students, lessons are charged at £976 per term.

If you are interested in the flexible boarding options we have on offer, why not visit us on our next Open Day or book a private visit?