What Our Boarders' Parents Say - Ratcliffe College

What Our Boarders’ Parents Say


My daughter joined Year 9 at Ratcliffe College in February 2018. I was initially worried if she would adapt to the UK boarding life, as this was her first time studying abroad. She found the staff and boarders friendly, helpful and caring and settled in well to boarding life at Ratcliffe within the first days. The boarding house is spacious, neat and well equipped. There’s weekend activities like visiting museums, go karting and shopping in nearby towns that are new to my daughter, she enjoyed the trips very much!  She loves Ratcliffe College, and her younger brother is looking forward to joining year 9 at Ratcliffe College in September!

Mr R, Hong Kong

Our daughter Inés was boarding at Ratcliffe when she was 14. She was going for 1 academic year but ended up staying for 4! From the start, she was welcomed into the community and we knew she had a second home. The Staff are very kind but have high expectations, protecting and looking after our daughter whilst at the same time teaching her to take care of the younger boarders. Activities during weekends are fantastic and are both educational and supportive, but always amusing for students.

Communication with staff is fluid and constant and the security that it gives to parents is priceless.

During these years our daughter has become a mature, responsible, caring and empathetic person, we think Boarding is the reason for that. She will go to University and we will close an important chapter in her life that, as a family, will look back on with happiness.

Thank you to all the Boarding Staff who have contributed during these four years of the growing up of our daughter.

Mrs M, Spain

What I feared most when my husband and I thought of sending our daughter Ihuoma to a boarding school abroad was my 13-year-old daughter, going through her teen years without a mother figure close.

My fears quickly melted away when she returned after the first term and recounted how the senior Housemistress would sit in their room and encourage them to share their feelings, helping them to cope with the initial shock. The Ratcliffe College boarding house is indeed a “home away from home”.

The senior Housemistress is approachable with a motherly tenderness to her duties. She cares for the boarders’ well-being and teaches the girls to support and care for each other. The staff understand and care for the girls equally, supporting them in any struggles and respond to all correspondences which is very reassuring to international parents.

I’d definitely recommend Ratcliffe College Boarding because of the quality of care given.

Mrs Adaku Abel Osuji from Nigeria