Life in the Senior School - Ratcliffe College

Life in the Senior School

At Ratcliffe College, we take pride in our tailored academic curriculum, which is enriched by an inspiring co-curricular programme and exceptional pastoral care. Our focus is on ensuring a smooth transition from Year 6 to Year 7 for your child. From the very first moment they step into our community on their induction day, our goal is to provide a welcoming and nurturing environment where they feel safe and supported, fostering a sense of happiness and belonging.

As your child progresses through the Senior School, they will encounter increasingly challenging academic pursuits and a plethora of opportunities to cultivate their unique gifts and talents both within and beyond the classroom. Motivated by teachers who foster happiness and instill a genuine love for learning, our Senior School’s academic and co-curricular programmes are tailored to meet the individual needs of each student, allowing them to aspire to reach their greatest potential.

Our devoted teaching staff go above and beyond to cultivate and nurture your child’s inherent talents, while maintaining a delicate balance between providing challenge and offering support. Within our enriching and supportive teaching and learning environment, guided by our inclusive Christian ethos, students thrive as they are encouraged to explore, question, and grow.

The School Day

Students are welcome to arrive from 8.00am and must be in school by 8.20am. Registration begins at 8.25am, followed by lessons that conclude at 4.10pm.

The school day consists of six 55-minute lessons, with breaks scheduled between the second and third lessons, and two lessons before lunch, followed by two lessons in the afternoon. All students are provided with lunch in our Refectory. with meal costs included in the fees.

Following the conclusion of lessons at 4.10pm, the school community gathers for Tea in the Refectory, offering a boost of energy before engaging in the co-curricular activities or supervised Prep time, which lasts until 6.10pm.

Breakfast Club

For those enrolled in the Breakfast Club, there’s an option for an earlier start. The Breakfast Club operates from 7.30am to 8.00am in the Refectory, Monday to Friday. A staff member is always present to supervise students, who can enjoy a nutritious breakfast with friends and members of our Boarding Community. The menu includes a continental breakfast featuring a selection of cereals, toast, and fresh fruit. Additionally, students can opt for a cooked breakfast, which may include bacon, sausage, tomato, baked beans, eggs, mushrooms, hash browns, and fish on Fridays. Hot beverages like tea, coffee, and hot chocolate are available, along with fruit juice and water, regardless of the menu choice.

The Breakfast Club serves as a vital support system for students engaging in early co-curricular activities before the start of academic lessons, ensuring they are adequately refueled before commencing their school day. Additionally, it offers invaluable assistance to busy families who may need to drop off their children well before 8.00am.

Mr Kevin Ryce, Senior Deputy Head Academic