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The Ratcliffian Association

One of the things that can be taken as a given in life is that we all always remember our school days.  We are forever part of our school community.  Our memories are of course a mixture of the good and the bad, the happy, the sad and the successful, all of which makes up our school career!  The names of our teachers stay with us, as do the names of our school friends.

Once you join Ratcliffe, you are part of our School community forever.  Henceforth, when you fly the nest, the Ratcliffian Association, which was established in 1865, enrols you as a lifetime member of the School’s alumni; as an “Old Ratcliffian” you will receive invitations to Association and School events, updates on current news from within the Ratcliffe community, and the opportunity to connect with former students all over the world.

The Association Office (based on the corridor above the Headmaster’s Office) is kept busy, helping to ensure archive material on Ratcliffe life is preserved, sharing news and re-connecting with Old Ratcliffians through its website, e-mail, mailings and, of course, social media channels; culminating in the Old Ratcliffian Magazine, which is a much coveted publication on the Christmas reading list for many Old Ratcliffians.

We have a community of over 6,500 former students, now living and working in more than 70 countries across the globe, including Hong Kong, America and Australia. Having walked the same corridors, eaten in the same Refectory, and played out on the same fields, you are already connected with them through your time and memories at Ratcliffe. fields, you are already connected with them through your time and memories at Ratcliffe. There are so many warm and welcoming Old Ratcliffians who are happy to engage, network and support their fellow Old Ratcliffians; the Ratcliffian Association exists to help maintain and nurture those relationships long after you leave the College.


If you’d like to contact the Ratcliffian Association please email us on alumni@ratcliffecollege.com

or call 01509 817054