School Bus Service 2019/20

Below are shown the timings for the routes which we are intending to operate from September 2019, together with a summary of the requirements for using the service and the costs involved per term.

Charges will be added to bills on a termly basis.

Routes are reviewed on an annual basis in order to meet the demands of parents.


Route 1 – Leicester
Operated by Woods Coaches

7:10am   Houghton on the Hill, School                                                           Tariff 3   £360

7:30am   Glen Gorse Golf Club                                                                      Tariff 3   £360

7:40am   Stoughton Road/Powys Avenue                                                     Tariff 2   £310

7:45am   A6/Clarendon Park Road                                                               Tariff 2   £310

7:50am   London Road Station                                                                        Tariff 2   £310

8:15am   Ratcliffe College


Route 2 – Charnwood
Operated by School transport

7:05am   Cumberland Road/Ashby Road, Loughborough                          Tariff 3   £360

7:08am   Junc. Forest Road/Kingfisher Way                                                 Tariff 3   £360

7:18am   Copt Oak                                                                                         Tariff 3   £360

7:30am   Maplewell Road, Woodhouse Eaves                                             Tariff 2   £310

7:35am   Warren Hill, Woodhouse Eaves                                                      Tariff 2   £310

7:40am   Car Brand Lane/School Lane, Woodhouse                                   Tariff 2   £310

7:45am   Chaveney Road, Quorn                                                                   Tariff 1   £260

7:47am   Quorn Cross, Quorn                                                                        Tariff 1   £260

7:48am   Station Road, Quorn                                                                         Tariff 1   £260

8:15am   Ratcliffe College


Route 3 – Nottingham
Operated by School transport

7:05am   East Bridgford                                                                                    Tariff 3   £360

7:15am   Melton Gardens, Edwalton                                                              Tariff 3   £360

7:35am   Ruddington                                                                                        Tariff 2   £310

7:50am   Keyworth                                                                                           Tariff 1   £260

8:15am   Ratcliffe College


Route 4 – Belvoir
Operated by School transport

7:40am   Hose (Village Hall)                                                                          Tariff 3   £360

7:45am   Long Clawson (The Sands)                                                              Tariff 3   £360

8:00am   Thrussington (Regent Street)                                                             Tariff 1   £260

8:05am   Rearsby                                                                                            Tariff 1   £260

8:15am   Ratcliffe College



All evening services will leave School at 6.20pm in order to allow students to participate in the programme of co-curricular activities and/or attend supervised Prep sessions.

Numbers of students using the evening services are generally a little lower than those in the morning, which means that some stops may not be necessary in the evening and routes may be shortened or combined (on certain days) as a consequence.  The details shown below reflect the full service which will almost certainly be reduced once actual bookings are confirmed for the term.


Route 1 – Leicester
Operated by Woods Coaches

6:20pm   Ratcliffe College

6:45pm   London Road Station                                                                        Tariff 2   £310

6:50pm   A6/Clarendon Park Road                                                               Tariff 2   £310

6:55pm   A6 Knighton Road                                                                            Tariff 2   £310

6:57pm   Stoughton Road/Powys Avenue                                                      Tariff 2   £310

7:00pm   Stoughton, Recreation Ground                                                        Tariff 3   £360

7:05pm   Glen Gorse Golf Club                                                                      Tariff 3   £360

7:15pm   Houghton on the Hill, School                                                           Tariff 3   £360


Route 2 – Charnwood
Operated by School transport

6:20pm   Ratcliffe College  

6:35pm   Sileby/Barrow                                                                                 Tariff 1   £260

6:40pm   Quorn                                                                                               Tariff 1   £260

6:45pm   Valley Road/Nanpantan Road, Loughborough                            Tariff 3   £360

6:55pm   Woodhouse Eaves                                                                           Tariff 2   £310

7:10pm   Ashby Road, Shepshed                                                                    Tariff 3   £360

7:20pm   Ashby Road, Loughborough                                                           Tariff 3   £360


Route 3 – Nottingham
Operated by School transport

6:20pm   Ratcliffe College  

6:35pm   Keyworth                                                                                           Tariff 1   £260

6:40pm   Ruddington                                                                                        Tariff 2   £310

6:45pm   Melton Gardens, Edwalton                                                             Tariff 3   £360

7:10pm   East Bridgford                                                                                    Tariff 3   £360

7:20pm   Elston .                                                                                               Tariff 3   £360

7:25pm   Shelton                                                                                              Tariff 3   £360


Route 4 – Belvoir
Operated by School transport

6:20pm   Ratcliffe College    

6:45pm   Rearsby                                                                                             Tariff 1   £260

7:05pm   Long Clawson                                                                                   Tariff 3   £360

7:10pm   Hose                                                                                                  Tariff 3   £360


There is a discount of 50% off the cost of the outbound journey when booked with an inbound journey.  A discount of 50% is offered to siblings.

Guidelines on using the bus

Pupils must arrive at their stop five minutes before the advertised pick up time. Pupils must wait at the bus stop and not in cars. If the drivers do not see anyone at the stop, they will not stop.

Where bus passes are issued, they must be shown to the driver on all journeys. If your son/daughter has a mobile phone it is a good idea to take a photo of the bus pass in case they forget or lose it.

Coach and mini bus drivers aim to reach each stop at the advertised pick-up time. However, unforeseen circumstances with traffic delays/adverse weather conditions can result in coaches and minibuses, being delayed at certain stops. On these occasions, pupils must follow the instructions below:

If your bus is late in the morning:

  1. Wait 10 minutes; the most senior pupil should ring the coach company / minibus driver.
    Woods Coaches                     07717 128936
    Belvoir (inbound)                 07852 204764
    Charnwood (inbound)         07432 566479
    Nottingham (inbound)         07432 566418
  2. If the bus does not arrive by the new time given by the coach company, please ring Ratcliffe College on 01509 817000.
  3. Follow the instructions given to you and please be patient. A replacement vehicle will get to you as soon as possible.

General Information

All students may use the bus service provided that they have parental consent and are able to get on and off the coach/minibus and fasten and unfasten seatbelts by themselves. The coaches/minibuses only have a driver and the School does not provide staff to travel, assist or supervise.

School rules apply on the buses and any student who misbehaves will be subject to School discipline.  In appropriate cases, the School will suspend the student’s right to travel on the bus for a period, or indefinitely, without the return of all or some part of the charge.

Queries in relation to the School Bus Service should be directed to Mrs Sue Davison, Assistant to the Director of Finance (