Physics - Ratcliffe College

Physics – Ages 11-16

In the Physics IGCSE our students have enjoyed splendid examination results.  Last year, the Physics Department celebrated headline figures of 84% A*/A grades in IGCSE Physics.

Why study Physics?

At Ratcliffe College we have the view that the study of Physics is an essential part of a rounded education.  On the one hand, we believe students should have some understanding of how pressing a light switch brings light into a room, on the other hand we believe that the many wonders of life can be all the more enjoyed and appreciated through a knowledge of the processes that pervade the universe.  We are, above all, dedicated to sharing our enthusiasm for the subject with our students.  Although examination success is essential to us, we never lose sight of the fact that our core activity is about enlightening our youngsters of the excitement that can be found just below the surface of the most mundane.  

Co-Curricular Activities

The Physics Department plays a full part in the School’s co-curricular programme through its long standing involvement in: 

The Go4SET project – aimed at Year 9 students

This initiative is organised by the Engineering Development Trust (EDT).  Go4SET introduces youngsters to the world of engineering through extended projects that involve working with local engineering companies.  It has proved very popular with our youngsters. 

The British Physics Olympiad (BPHO) Year 10 Challenge – aimed at Year 10 Triple Award students

This is an initiative run by the University of Oxford that requires each participating student to sit an assessment that will test their understanding and problem solving skills.  The BPHO aims to encourage the study of Physics and recognise excellence in young Physicists.