Life in the Sixth Form - Ratcliffe College

Life in the Sixth Form


In the Sixth Form at Ratcliffe College, we seek to inspire our students to develop intellectual curiosity, independent thought, and transferable skills so that each student can achieve his or her full potential and develop the capacity for a successful and rewarding future. High quality teaching is complemented by an emphasis on students’ personal development. We aim for all students to develop into confident, articulate and independent young people who are prepared for the opportunities and challenges of life.

The vast majority of our students go on to study at university, and to help them access the most suitable courses, they receive expert guidance throughout the application process and benefit from high-level careers advice and established networks for work experience.


Throughout their time in the Sixth Form, students benefit fromwide-ranging academic and pastoral support to ensure that their time at Ratcliffe is both enjoyable and fulfilling. They are also encouraged to participate fully in the superb array of co-curricular activities on offer, including sport, the arts and voluntary work.

Day students and boarders alike benefit from our broad range of enrichment activities, including our INSPIRE programme of guest speakers, as well as societies, clubs and trips throughout the year. Sixth Formers also learn to manage their time effectively and to enjoy a healthy social life. Events are held regularly and present a welcome opportunity to socialise and relax after a busy day at school. The highlight of the social calendar is undoubtedly the Sixth Form Ball held at the end of the Summer Term. The strong sense of community at Ratcliffe is underpinned by excellent pastoral care.

Sixth  Formers and staff maintain a close rapport based on mutual respect. The supportive atmosphere is reinforced by our form tutor system and student-led initiatives, such as the Samaritan Listeners. As senior members of the school community, our Sixth Formers enjoy increased independence and great freedoms that develop an even stronger sense of individual and collective responsibility.

Sixth Form students are role models for the rest of the school, and the strong tradition of student leadership roles and positions of responsibility allows our students to contribute significantly to the wider community. In the context of this nurturing environment, our students develop into compassionate, responsible and resilient young people.