Media Studies - Ratcliffe College

Media Studies GCSE

GCSE Media Studies at Ratcliffe College allows students to develop a wider and deeper understanding and appreciation of the media, both historical and contemporary. The subject gives them an opportunity, for the first time, to explore both production and academic skills in relation to many different media forms.  

Thus, students have an opportunity to engage with the burning media issues of the day, such as the role of social media in news reporting and the promotion of blockbuster Hollywood franchises, whilst also undertaking a professional production, working in either print or video production.

Technical Excellence

The Department comprises two sleek and inviting classroom areas, both including full class sets of PCs equipped with advanced editing software, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro. All filming is completed using a brand new set of  FUJIFILM X-T200 cameras. Students leave the Department proficient in a range of advanced technical skills and having directed and created their own professional standard media products.  They consistently produce high quality production work, with a particular specialism in music video.

The scope of past productions have been extremely impressive, and have involved ambitious sets, such as full stage rigs, organised independently by our ambitious and creative videographers of the future. We strive to achieve excellence and this is also borne out by our academic success.

Productions can be found on our Youtube channel.

Academic achievement and beyond

The subject has a history of excellent academic achievement; it is currently one of the best performing subjects in the College at A Level, in terms of value added, and we have experienced similar success in adding value to students’ academic performance at GCSE, where 79% of students achieved Levels 9-6 in 2019.  Crucially, this has created opportunities for students in terms of moving onto higher education. A large number of students who pursue the subject through to A Level go on to read the subject at university, with Media Production degrees being extremely popular.

Furthermore, the subject is increasingly desirable for students wanting to pursue business-related or analytical degrees (for example, English). We are proud of our alumni and often welcome them back to speak to students about their successes and inspire others. One such alumni, Jacob Bird, returned to speak to students about his role in digital distribution at Warner Brothers. His exceptional success in the industry proves the doors which Media Studies at Ratcliffe College opens for students.

For the UK to continue to produce world-leading film we need world-leading talent.  As an employer, the work (of Ratcliffe College Media students) gives me renewed hope for the future of that talent.

Miles Latham, Old Ratcliffian and Managing Partner for Affixxius Films, speaking at our 2018 ‘Oscars’ celebration

Co-Curricular Activities

The department has launched an exciting, new opportunity for 2021/22: The Ratcliffe Student Podcast. Podcasts are growing rapidly in popularity as an engaging and convenient form of media. The Podcast will be run by a small group of Sixth Form students, however students from any year group may contribute on any given episode. During each episode, students will get the chance to express their voices and opinions on both light-hearted, cultural topics, as well as deeper, societal issues. Alongside this, students will be able to learn how to produce, edit and distribute a podcast.

The Media Department’s inclusive co-curricular programme is essential in introducing students to Media Studies, from further down the school, and has, alongside our excellent results, accounted for consistently high demand for the subject at both GCSE and A Level.