Boarding at our Heart and Soul

Boarding is at Racliffe’s Heart and Soul. Boarding lies at the heart of our school, literally as well as metaphorically, while its diversity and community spirit portray the essence or soul of Ratcliffe College. Ratcliffe has a long history of Boarding which has taken many different forms over the years. We are an intimate and relatively small Boarding community with around 100 boarders living here every term. A.A Milne’s word, “sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart” has never rung more true than Boarding at Ratcliffe.

Boarding isn’t just for overseas students or those who live a long distance away – we have found an increasing number of students opting to board with us for a variety of reasons.

1 – Focus on learning: Many students feel that the quality of their studies and application of their skills improves greatly when they live onsite. If you’re looking for real depth to your School experience, this might be a good option for you.

2 – Community: Here at Ratcliffe we are proud of the close-knit student community feel and many of our students really enjoy being surrounded by their friends most of all. Everyone feels happier and well supported when they’re close to their social groups and this is another benefit of boarding.

3 – Independence: A good number of our borders felt that staying onsite was crucial to their personal growth, becoming a little more self-sufficient and less reliant on parents at home, which in turn Prepared them for life at University.