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Alex’s Story

Boarding | 14.02.2024

Year 13

Full Boarder


Why did you choose Ratcliffe College?

Coming to Ratcliffe is an opportunity for me to be part of a better school. The boarding feels homely, and as a Sixth Former, having a single bedroom provides me with my own space and the boarding facilities are great.

What is boarding life like?

Boarding at Ratcliffe brings a relaxed and comfortable feeling to daily living. During free time, boarders can unwind in the lounge, playing pool, foosball, and other board games. It’s a great opportunity to chill out and, as a Sixth Form student, develop independence.

What do you like the most about boarding?

What I appreciate the most about my time at Ratcliffe is the overall experience. After boarding for a year, it has been a completely new adventure, and something I would not have considered if I hadn’t come to Ratcliffe College. It has been a fun journey, and I have formed close connections and made lasting memories. Being part of the boarding community means going on trips together, and I especially enjoy the optional choices, like going shopping, which adds a unique and enjoyable aspect to the experience.

How well did you settle into boarding?

I found it easy to settle in, because of my love of sports, especially rugby. Hanging out with the rugby squad made it comfortable as we share similar interests and were easy to talk to. Additionally, the boarding environment ensures that there is always someone to talk to.

What do you plan to do when you leave Ratcliffe College?

My future goals include aiming for an American scholarship to play rugby overseas. I also hope to pursue a career in the military as an Officer in the Military Police or Logistics industry.

Would you recommend boarding at Ratcliffe College?

Yes, it’s a fantastic environment. Boarding at Ratcliffe lets you make great friends, and there is always someone around to chat with.


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