Religious Studies - Ratcliffe College

Religious Studies (Religion, Philosophy and Ethics)

Religious Studies is a very popular choice at A Level.  As part of the course, students study Ethics and Philosophy and Christian Thought.

The Religious Studies A Level course covers a wide range of subjects.  In Ethics, students ponder deep ethical questions such as ‘Is there such thing as a right or wrong answer or is it just a matter of opinion?’

Students also consider how ethical theories might be applied to practical issues such as euthanasia and sexual relationships.  Philosophical questions such as ‘Does God exist’ and ‘Why is there evil in the world’ have been discussed by many philosophers.  Questions about the relevance of religious thought continue to be relevant in a multi-faith society.

Why study RS at A Level?

Religious Studies helps students to develop their rational thought and powers of critical analysis and also to formulate their own arguments as well as equipping students with the skills necessary to question the arguments of others.

Many students continue to study a combination of Philosophy, Ethics or Theology at University.  Religious Studies at A Level is beneficial for many other courses, including Medicine, Nursing and Law.

Sixth Form RPE

Students in the Sixth Form have one lesson of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics per fortnight.  This is central to our Catholic ethos.  In these lessons, student take part in discussion and debates as well as considering issues relating to poverty, justice, pilgrimage and prayer.

Students have also had opportunities to reflect during Advent and Lent and some students have received the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

As part of the programme, we also have a speaker from LIFE talking about Relationships as well as a presentation on Lourdes.