The Peter Daley Fund - Ratcliffe College

The Peter Daley Fund

Peter ‘Dan’ Daley was a pupil here at Ratcliffe from 1950 to 1956. In 2010, Mr and Mrs Daley earmarked a Legacy amount of, £750,000, in favour of Ratcliffe College. Generously, they have also agreed to donate the interest each year, during their lifetime.

Since 2010 the Peter Daley Bursary has funded 27 Peter Daley bursaries. 

The annual donation provides financial support, via a bursary, to families whose children would greatly benefit from a Ratcliffe education but are without the means to fund 100% of the school fees.

I hope that others will give generously to Ratcliffe and to its students, and I hope that those students, when they grow up and succeed in life, will give back in their turn.

– Peter Daley.


A Bursary in Your Name

Donations can be used to support many students and we would be very happy to discuss creating a bursary in you or your family’s name. For more information, please get in touch with Mrs Louise Liston, Development Manager, at