IT - Ratcliffe College

Computer Science and Information Technology – 16-18 years

As a nation, every single one of us if affected by technology. Whether we like it or not, young or old, we will all, at some point, rely one modern technology – from communicating with long-lost relatives to life-saving operations or the development of useful applications. This means that the world we live in is increasingly defined by the results of decisions that are made by people working in information and technology.

Pupils studying either Computer Science or IT at Ratcliffe College are given the opportunities to acquire competence, capability and critical skills through the implementation, use and evaluation of a range of software and computational thinking techniques. This is so that our students can meet the demands of the workplace now, and in the future as some of the careers our students will pursue may not currently exist.

Why Study IT

In The Royal Society report, After the Reboot – Computing Education in UK Schools, the conclusion was that IT is a subject that all young people should learn in order for them to have a well-informed understanding of the increasingly digital world that surrounds them. IT that delivers what it promises not only makes business more efficient and effective, but it enables much of what we care about – health and care, education, commerce, employment, entertainment – to work effectively and efficiently.

The impact of IT on modern society is greater than ever, and everyone should have the digital skills not only to ensure it is positive, but to thrive and develop themselves.

Academic Programme

OCR A Level Computer Science (H446). Students who follow this course will be taught the core academic principles of computing as well as creating a programming project that will solve a real-world problem. Topics covered in the theory aspect of the course will range from the internal workings of the CPU, data exchange and software issues through to the legal and ethical issues that surround our use of technology

Cambridge International A Level in Information Technology (9626). Students following this course sit both an AS and an A Level. Topics range from understanding data, information, knowledge and processing through to databases and spreadsheets in AS to the role and impact of IT in society, networks and programming for the web.