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Why study Psychology?

A Level Psychology involves a range of topics and develops key skills which will be fundamental to higher studies. Psychology is a science and involves the scientific investigation of mind, brain and behaviour. This exciting course will introduce you to concepts in human psychology, because training you how to plan and conduct your own research and analyse your own results is so important.

What sort of work is involved?

Research methods knowledge and skills underpin all other topics throughout the course. A Level Psychology students must be familiar with both experimental and non-experimental methods. Topics include:

  • The brain and nervous system
  • Everyday behaviours such as memory, obedience and conformity,
  • The impact of childhood experiences on behaviour,
  • Forensic psychology and offender profiling
  • Treatment of psychopathologies such as schizophrenia, depression, phobias and OCD

The course

Whilst studying A Level Psychology, students will develop skills in research and in critical thinking.  There are often conflicting theories on how to explain human behaviour, therefore Psychology students must analyse these differing perspectives. There is also the requirement to apply knowledge learned to a range of situations and case studies. In other words, students may also find that they learn to understand both themselves and others in a new light.

Assessment is by classwork, key assignments and three final exams at the end of the two-year course

What background do I need?

You will need:

  • Grade 6 or above in any essay writing subject such as: English, Religious Studies, History or Geography
  • Grade 5 in any Science subject

Where can Psychology lead me?

Psychology equips you with a range of skills and knowledge, therefore, students will be well equipped for a degree in a wide variety of Science and Social Science courses. It is an excellent subject for developing your ability to think critically. Knowledge of Psychology can help you in future careers such as:

  • Community Services
  • Health/Mental Health Education
  • Human Resources
  • Market Research
  • Sales
  • Public Relations
  • Counselling

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