Biology - Ratcliffe College

Biology – Ages 11-16

Biology at Ratcliffe College is a dynamic, contemporary and hands-on experience.  We are a passionate team who are dedicated to igniting and nurturing Biological curiosity and enquiry.  

Biology not only deals with facts and functions, but also allows students to consider and discuss the implications of developments in modern Biology with reference to social, ethical and moral perspectives.  Studying Biology allows students to make rational and considered judgements about scientific progress based not just on opinions but also on an understanding of the scientific principles which lie behind these.  When studying Biology at Ratcliffe, students will partake in regular practical work that enhances student understanding and enjoyment of the subject. 

Co-Curricular Activities

Year 7 – 13 Pets’ Corner

The Biology Department is in a fortunate position to run a popular lunchtime club where students volunteer their time to handle, feed and clean out our resident pets – rabbits and guinea pigs.

Year 10 RSB Biology Competition

Year 10 Biology students take part in the Biology competition organised by the Royal Society of Biology. The competition stimulates students’ curiosity for the natural world and encourages them to take an interest in biology outside of school.

The Biology course has been fun and fulfilling.  Over the last three year I enjoyed learning in an environment which feels inclusive whilst giving me the independence to learn from and engage in lessons.

Recent Year 11 student