Art & Design - Ratcliffe College

Art and Design – Ages 16-18

The Art Department is an engaging and dynamic environment where every individual is encouraged to realise their full potential.  We encourage a diverse approach and in turn are flexible in our teaching, underpinning each project with a sound basis in traditional as well as contemporary skills.  Our facilities include a separate Sixth Form for each A Level year, two general teaching studios, a Film and Photography studio with professional lighting and dedicated software.  The teaching team comprises the Head of Department, a full-time teacher and a very experienced full-time technician.

Academic Programme

In the Sixth Form, the timetable provides the students with 11 lessons of 55 minutes each over the two-week timetable.   However, the commitment at A Level extends beyond lessons alone and students are given their own space in their studios which they are expected to use in a number of their free periods in order to further their work. 

Students are encouraged to express their opinions both within their sketchbooks as well as during lessons. The approach in the first year is focussed on exploration and, to that end, students experience a number of workshops on varied techniques before they begin to refine their ideas for the major topic.  Year 13 is where the majority of the Component 1, Personal Investigation work will be produced.  The focus is on quality, and this must permeate everything that the student does. Each year we have a number of students who successfully go on to pursue the creative pathways at higher education; this includes Art Foundation courses as well as direct-entry degree courses.  

Sixth Form Extra-Curricular Art & Design

We are keen for students to use the facilities of the department outside of their normal lessons and we therefore provide opportunities where the facilities are available during Prep.  During the majority of lunchtimes, the department is also open. 

Going to see and experience Art is a vital element of the subject, and a trip is organised once a year for Years 13, although specific exhibitions are promoted to students throughout the year.