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Paisley’s Story

Boarding | 14.02.2024

Year 6

Full Boarder


Why did you choose Ratcliffe College?

I have always wanted to study in England, and after meeting Mr Reddin at the Academic Asia exhibition in Hong Kong, I knew I wanted to come to Ratcliffe College.

I was really interested in the sports facilities on campus and with my favourite subject being Music, I was excited about the opportunities to explore.

What is boarding life like?

At Ratcliffe, there’s a wide range of activities to choose from, we have access to the gym and swimming pool. The boarding staff also organise fun tournaments such as basketball games between students and teachers.

Another highlight is the variety of trips we get to go on. It’s not only exciting, but also great for shopping. This is my first year and so far, we have visited Cambridge, Alton Towers and Harry Potter World, which is fun.

What do you like the most about boarding?

I really like the friends that I have made and the close-knit community that we have here. It’s so much fun being part of a school where everyone feels like family.

How well did you settle into boarding?

It took me a while at first, I felt homesick during the first week, but then I began to make friends and was joining in with the community, and the experience has been helpful, teaching me to be independent, especially when we go shopping and buy items.

Would you recommend boarding at Ratcliffe College?

Yeah, it’s great because the boarding staff really take care of you, and they’re always there to listen if needed. There are so many activities to do when you’re not studying, and my favourite is the sports hall. It’s like being part of a big family, away from home.


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