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Minnie’s Story

Boarding | 14.02.2024

Year 11

Weekly Boarder


Why did you choose Ratcliffe College?

I chose Ratcliffe College, because my family were studying in the UK also and it is considered the best school in the Leicestershire area. I have no regrets about my decision and I am confident that it was the right choice for me.

What is boarding life like?

Boarding at Ratcliffe feels like a new family to me. It’s a new place with so many different people and faces. My friends here are both younger and older, creating a unique sense of family and community. This environment makes me feel safe and supported.

What do you like the most about boarding?

As a weekly boarder, I cherish the time spent with my friends. Boarding is a completely different experience. Night prayer is a special time for me, providing an opportunity for reflection during moments of low spirits and a chance for me to relax and be myself. Hanging out together in the boarders’ lounge on weekends and weeknights, playing board games, adds to the enjoyment of my boarding experience.

How well did you settle into boarding?

I faced some challenges during the first week, but the boarding staff, teachers, and friends were incredibly supportive, helping me to overcome my difficulties. My friends and I would have dinner together and often hang out with each other. I have found that boarding life is so much more interesting and fulfilling with such a supportive community.

What do you plan to do when you leave Ratcliffe College?

After completing my A Levels, I plan to attend university to study either Dentistry or Pharmaceuticals. Although I am currently undecided, I am excited about exploring these fields and determining the best path for my future.

Would you recommend boarding at Ratcliffe College?

Definitely, stepping out of your room and hearing everyone laughing is such a vibrant experience. Boarding opens the door to making friends from different countries, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to learn about their cultures.


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