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Ned’s Story

Boarding | 14.02.2024

Year 13

Regular Boarder


Why did you choose Ratcliffe College?

I chose Ratcliffe for its impressive campus, the strong academic offerings and the opportunity to engage in rugby training – rugby is really important to me. The sports facilities are incredible, and the gym is incomparable.

What is boarding life like?

It’s definitely a lot of fun! We have after-school activities every day, offering a variety of options from sports to music and academics. If you prefer to be on your own and do work, you have the choice to go to your room also.

Boarding activities is enjoyable with your friends; it’s almost like having a sleepover every day.

What do you like the most about boarding?

The feeling of community – you make really good friends. You don’t often spend this amount of time with your friends if you weren’t boarding. Boarding gives you the chance to live with them, which is a lot better if you have close friends. You also meet people from everywhere – all around the world. You get to learn so much about everyone’s culture.

How well did you settle into boarding?

Yes, really easy – the boarding staff made it really easy to settle in. You are always around people, who are usually open to do something. In summer, especially, you have the Year 7s to Year 13s playing football together – there is a big game of boarders playing football. Everyone is with each other, so you make friends from doing that.

What do you plan to do when you leave Ratcliffe College?

I want to take a gap year before pursuing my studies at university, where I plan to study real estate and planning.

Would you recommend boarding at Ratcliffe College?

Yes, definitely! You always have so much to do; you are always together and are never alone. You can focus on academic work, because you don’t have the journey time in the car either. After school, you can get on with your work straight away, finish all your homework by 6.00pm and then you have the whole evening. It’s much more convenient.


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