Welcome to Boarding

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Boarding Community here at Ratcliffe College. Boarding really is at the heart of the school, both physically and metaphorically, and we are proud to have a happy, positive and friendly boarding house which the boarding students consider a home away from home.

Boarding is about caring for one another, independence, resilience, joy, fun and about being a part of a supportive family where each and every individual feels secure and special. We celebrate here at Ratcliffe a diverse community in boarding, enriched by a wealth of different cultures and experiences. The vertical structure enables the pupils in the younger years to live alongside the older pupils and this enhances the family feel.

All the boarding staff are approachable and enjoy positive relationships with the students in their care. We genuinely hope that you enjoy your time as a boarder and valued member of the school community here at Ratcliffe College.