Callela Diving Trip - Ratcliffe College

Callela Diving Trip

All School News | 25.11.2019

Ratcliffe College’s very own diving club is in full swing after they embarked on their first trip abroad to Callela, Spain earlier this summer.

As part of their open water training, our divers spent one week in this beautiful scenery alongside qualified trainers, to take part in a variety of fun activities and tasks during their course, leading to each of them gaining their PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certification and becoming fully qualified. Alongside the club to supervise during the trip were our very own Mr Donegan and Miss Gatt, everyone involved thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

Our diving club was officially formed last year after a number of students expressed an interest in taking part. Our amazing facilities on site also played a huge part in making sure this club became a reality, as we have our very own swimming pool. We also provided the best training and coaching possible with qualified divers. We believe this club forms part of the wide range of Co-curricular activities offered to every child, building the key skills to unlock each pupil’s full potential.

Keep your eyes peeled as we look to announce the destination for our next trip in Summer 2021!

Please enjoy the photos and video from this trip below