Fun with Forces - Year 5 Science Workshop - Ratcliffe College

Fun with Forces – Year 5 Science Workshop

Senior School | 16.03.2018

On Thursday 8th March 2018, Year 5 pupils and their teachers were welcomed to the Science Department in the Senior School to spend the afternoon enjoying a series of exciting and thought provoking workshops related to the topic of Forces, in celebration of National Science Week. The afternoon began with a trio of demonstrations, led by Mr Chorley, the Head of Science in the Senior School. The children observed how a push from the air can speed things up, how a magnetic force can slow things down, and how air pressure, or more specifically the lack of air pressure, can change the shape of an object. After being wowed at the sight of magically expanding shaving foam, the children were then ready to start the first of their two Forces themed workshops!

The first of these workshops focused on an investigation into how the shape of an object can affect the time it takes for the object to fall through a liquid.  The pupils dropped marbles covered in Playdoh into different liquids, and recorded how long the marbles took to fall depending on both the shape of the surrounding Playdoh and the thickness of the liquid.  The shapes the children could mould out of Playdoh varied from streamlined tear drop shapes, to even more inventive monster heads, worms, and heart shapes!

In the second activity, the pupils were tasked with designing and building an air powered rocket, which was then launched across the school playing field. The children were again given the chance to showcase their creativity and attention to detail, whilst using the scientific knowledge that they had gained from the first marble drop activity. Congratulations to Francesca and Sophia, whose rocket Kawaii Ship 31.9 travelled the furthest distance, a whopping 25 metres! The award for best looking rocket was very hard to judge, but went to the team of Imogen, Lottie and Hermione, whose rocket The Girl Squad looked extra special, with bright and bold colours, and even a star and pretty sparkly bits stuck on the cone!

Well done to all the children for taking part with such enthusiasm; it was a very enjoyable afternoon! Please have a look at the photographs below which capture some of the exciting moments that we had.