Hall Orchard Primary School's explosive Science session with Ratcliffe - Ratcliffe College

Hall Orchard Primary School’s explosive Science session with Ratcliffe

All School News | 19.06.2019

As part of Ratcliffe College’s initiative to support Science education in the local community, staff have been visiting Hall Orchard Primary School in the village of Barrow upon Soar to deliver practical Science sessions to Year 6.

Groups of ten enthusiastic students were invited to participate in a variety of activities covering all three disciplines of Science; Physics, Biology and Chemistry.

They investigated the effect that shape has on the movement of an object through liquids, learning about the importance of streamlining in design.

They thoroughly enjoyed a session on ventilation and circulation; they measured their own ventilation rate and pulse, blew up a set of lungs with a tyre pump, observed a dissection of a full pluck, tongue to diaphragm, and dissected a heart individually.

In an extremely messy session on acids and alkalis, students ate sherbet lemons, observed change in pH with litmus paper and Universal Indicator solution and made their own indicators from red cabbage.

This is just one example of the broad and widespread outreach activity that Ratcliffe College offers, on this occasion providing thirty potential scientists of the future an opportunity to experience some practical Science.

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