House Conker Competition - Ratcliffe College

House Conker Competition

Senior School | 11.10.2018

On Friday 28th September 2018, a host of staff and students took part in the House Conkers Competition. Staff and students from all year groups in the Senior School were invited to take part, and after 67 exciting duels, the winning House was Leetham. The student with the most wins was Grace, of Leetham, who triumphed against five different opponents. Incredibly, Mr Seth of Leetham and Mr Spencer of Arundel both managed 8 wins each, and after a final conker-off duel, Mr Spencer proved once again that he is the true staff conkers champion.

Well done, and thank you, to all the staff and students who contributed in making the House Conkers Competition so much fun. The final scores can be seen below, with a collection of photographs that capture the excitement of the day!

Mr Chorley


Overall Houses results

Pos. House Total score Points to shield
1st Leetham 36 4 points
2nd Arundel 12 3 points
3rd Emery 10 2 points
4th De Lisle 9 1 point