Ratcliffe College Earns Eco-Schools Green Flag with Distinction - Ratcliffe College

Ratcliffe College Earns Eco-Schools Green Flag with Distinction

All School News | 09.10.2023

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the prestigious Eco-Schools Green Flag with Distinction, a testament to the school’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. This award is a recognition of the remarkable efforts made by the Sustainable Action Society, a dedicated group of students, in promoting sustainable practices within the whole school community.

During the past academic year, the Sustainable Action Society embarked on a mission to make Ratcliffe College a more sustainable institution, while positively impacting the environment, after completing a thorough Environmental Review of the school. Their endeavours included the formulation of a comprehensive Action Plan, full of ambitious initiatives designed to enhance the school’s environmental footprint. An Eco-Code for the Senior School and implemented litter picks and school assemblies each term. Notable achievements include a school-wide “Big Battery Hunt”, resulting in the collection of an impressive 1,641 batteries, as well as initiatives aimed at reducing waste and increasing recycling across the campus.

The Sustainable Action Society’s efforts not only contribute to a greener school but also provide a valuable learning opportunity for students. Through their involvement, young people gain insights into critical environmental issues and actively work towards their resolution.

Mrs Battrum, Teacher of Geography and Head of Year 7, commented,

“Achieving our second Green Flag Award, this time with Distinction, is a fantastic reward for all the hard work that students and staff have put in towards making Ratcliffe more sustainable. The Sustainable Action Society are excited to take our actions further this year, including more students and more ambitious aims as part of our next renewal.”

One of the Society’s key missions is to inform and inspire their fellow students. They achieve this by hosting informative assemblies, and regularly contributing to the school newsletter, spreading awareness about the importance of sustainability. Their outreach efforts are geared towards fostering greater engagement within the school community and educating, enthusing, and exciting the next generation of eco-advocates.

Looking ahead, the Sustainable Action Society is committed to expanding their impact, exploring new sustainable initiatives with the College’s Preparatory School and Nursery, broadening the reach of their eco-conscious endeavours.

As the Sustainable Action Society continues to drive positive change, Ratcliffe College welcomes new members to join their ranks. If you are passionate about sustainability and wish to make a meaningful contribution to the environment, we encourage you to get involved with this dedicated group of students – speak to Mrs Battrum to get started today!