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Ratcliffe College Invests in a new Climbing Wall

All School News | 22.12.2022

Ratcliffe College has invested in a new bouldering and climbing wall, a fantastic facility for all students across the school to use, helping them to learn new skills, solve problems and to build self-confidence.

Here at Ratcliffe, we are passionate about our students reaching new heights, challenging themselves both physically and mentally, developing their whole person to be strong in mind, body and spirit. The project was proposed by Mr Faulconbridge, Head of Preparatory School Sport, wanting to offer more variety in the Prep School PE curriculum. The idea was made a reality through a fundraising appeal driven by Mr Yell, Development Director and supported by the wonderful parent body.

This was included in last year’s list of annual fundraising projects and highlighted as an item to raise money for at the Summer Ball back in July. Thanks to the charitable donors and supporters at the Ball, we raised over £9,000 with the remainder of the funds donated by the Parents’ Association along with a generous parent donor.

The new addition has now been installed in our Preparatory School Sports Hall and will allow our pupils to experience a challenging and dynamic sport which will increase their core motor skills, as well as developing their muscular endurance. It will also build their co-operative interaction skills and their ability to trust and work with others to achieve a common goal.

Mr Faulconbridge said, “It will also enhance the adventurous and outward-bound opportunities for the whole College, from the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) and the Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) to our boarding community and all of our students both young and old.

“The possibilities are endless if we are willing to ‘Think Big’.”

Mr Cole, Director of Co-Curriculur and Wellbeing, added “We are extremely excited to have our new bouldering and climbing wall in the Prep School Sports Hall. Enabling all students across the whole College to be able to use this amazing facility in PE, games and co-curricular activities.”

If you would like to support more projects like this at Ratcliffe College, visit our fundraising website here.