Remembrance Day - Ratcliffe College

Remembrance Day

All School News | 11.11.2019

At Ratcliffe College, we were proud to mark Remembrance Day with our special events across the college and throughout our local community to thank our service members, past and present, for all they have done to keep us safe and honour the lives of those that fought for ours.

In the morning at 11am, our students and members of staff gathered around the Lockhart Garden for a 2 minute silence, during the occasion our very own student Richard Pullan played a beautiful rendition of “The Last Post” at the top of our school tower, as the bells rang to signify the start and finish of the silence.

Later on in the afternoon, a small contingent of our senior cadets from the Ratcliffe College CCF visited the graves of 16 pilots buried in the Burton on the Wolds Cemetery. Poppies were laid to honour these brave men.

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